Wild Game Cooking Class with Chef Leslie Fangman

August 25th, 2019
Location: Specialty Appliance, Greenwood Village, CO.
Hosted By: River Deep Alliance and SCI HOP
Participants: Operation TBI, Ft. Carson WTB

Hosted by Speciality Appliance in Greenwood Village, CO.
Over the weekend, the River Deep Foundation and SCI HOP hosted a Wild Game Cooking class at Specialty Appliance in Greenwood Village, CO. Chef Leslie taught us some great recepies for trout, deer, chukar and ceviche. The bonus was that we got to sample all of the dishes. We had the treat of preparing all these dishes in the Speciality Appliance showroom in Greenwood Village, CO, which was amazing because we were using the best appliances available.  

Everyone in the class was treated to a copy of Chef Leslie Fangman’s Wild Game cookbook. It was a fun day of learning and eating. A big thanks to Chef Leslie and Lori of Speciality Appliance 

Bob Adwar

River Deep Foundation, President
SCI HOP, VP/Humanitarian Chairman

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