Equine Assisted Learning

August 27th, 2019
Location: U.S. Air Force Academy Equestrian Center, Remount Foundation, Colorado Springs, CO.
Hosted By: River Deep Alliance and SCI HOP
Participants: Operation TBI Freedom, Ft. Carson WTB

Last Tuesday, the River Deep Foundation and SCI HOP hosted a group of Veterans for an amazing time at the U.S. Air Force Academy Equestrian Center, Remount Foundation, in Colorado Springs, CO. Our group learned more information about Equine assisted learning & Recreational Therapy, and it was so much fun.

We had 9 veterans and 1 family member attend. We gained more knowledge about the Equine assisted learning regarding how beneficial working with horses is; and can help with our PTSD and TBI’s. After spending some time grooming the horses and learning our instructor Jeanne Springer, we went for a nice long trail ride around the Air Force Academy.

Jesus Guerra
Military Support Specialist, Operation TBI Freedom

Bob Adwar
River Deep Foundation, President
SCI HOP, VP/Humanitarian Chairman

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