Puppy Day at Craig Hospital

August 18th, 2019
Location: Craig Hospital, Englewood, CO.
Hosted By: River Deep Foundation and SCI HOP 
Craig Hospital

What could be more fun and soothing than a pack of puppies. The staff and patients all gathered at T-Rec (Therapeutic Recreation Department at Craig Hospital), to play with the German Shorthair Pointer pups. Some of the pups sat in the laps of patients. It’s hard to tell who is more relaxed, the pups or the people.

Some of the older pups are in full whacko mode and won’t stop playing until exhaustion sets in. Either way, everyone is smiling. This is the second puppy day at Craig Hospital thanks to Stephanie MacLennan of Vahalla Hunt Club, we plan on doing many more. 

Bob Adwar
River Deep Alliance, President
SCI HOP, VP/Humanitarian Chairman

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