Trap Shooting, Pheasant Hunting and Lunch

Nov 7, 2017
​Hosted by: SCI HOP and River Deep
Location: Valhalla Hunt Club, Bennett, CO
Participants from: Craig Hospital

Trap shooting, pheasant hunting and lunch.

It’s a windy, warm day east of Denver in farm country. The participants attending the outing are from all over the country—men and women who all have a hunting background and are excited for a tune up at the trap range. Everyone—patients, staff and family members— get a chance at blasting some clays.

After a couple of hours of confidence building, we head down to the clubhouse for lunch and some discussion of the pheasant hunt after lunch. The dogs and guides are ready to go, so we head up to the tall grass. The winds are getting gusty at 20-30 knots which makes it difficult for the dogs to scent and the birds will fly light jets. We head out with the dogs in front and they get some birds up but it’s tough to get a good shot, we manage to put a few in the bag. Everyone is having a great time just thankful to see some birds fly and the dogs work. A big thanks to the staff at Valhalla Hunt Club.

Bob Adwar 
SCI, VP/Humanitarian Chairman
River Deep, President