Cow Elk Hunt

​October 27-30, 2017
Hosted by:
 SCI HOP and River Deep
Location: El Capitan Ranch, New Mexico
Participants from: Wounded Veterans from Operation TBI and Fort Carson WTB

Cow Elk Hunt
Thanks to a generous donation from El Capitan Ranch in New Mexico we are able to send six veterans on a cow elk hunt. They are staying at the the ranch’s bunk house. All the meals, guiding, field dressing and quartering are done through Tony Dickenson, his family and Randy, the Ranch Manager. The vets also help with all the chores. The weather is perfect, the ranch beautiful and the elk are plentiful. Everyone arrives Friday and the hunt takes place Saturday and Sunday. Six Vets hunt and six elk end up in the freezer! What a weekend! Everyone is having a great time and the camaraderie between the vets is great and helps the healing process from the wounds of war. This has been a wonderful outing and hunt. A big thanks to El Capitan Ranch and their staff for hosting and helping.

Bob Adwar 
SCI, VP/Humanitarian Chairman
River Deep, President