Cow Elk Hunt in New Mexico

November 17-20, 2017
Hosted by:
 SCI HOP and River Deep
Location: El Capitan Ranch, New Mexico
Participants: We took four Veterans down this trip two referred by OTF, One from the WTU, 1 from River Deep. Two of the Vets have attended other events that River Deep sponsors. This was the first River Deep event for two of the Vets.

Another successful hunt for all that attended. This was the first big game hunt for one veteran, and it was great to see everyone chip in and help with the entire process of harvesting the elks. Our host Tony and his crew lined up volunteer cooks who own and operate an old fashioned chuck wagon truck that was used for all our meals.  The volunteer cooks were amazing and the chuck wagon food experience was phenomenal—it was something new for all of us. Once again, the El Capitan Ranch and their staff were incredibly gracious hosts. This is a great place to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and just relax. These events bring disabled veterans together and reinforce the camaraderie that so many vets miss after leaving the military. It is an amazing thing to witness vets that have never met before come together and help each other accomplish tasks and overcome obstacles. It is truly a Brotherhood. It doesn’t matter what branch, MOS, or rank, we all just come together to help one another.

Chuck Williamson, SCI HOP/River Deep Vet-to-Vet Mentor