Alliance Member Spotlight: QL+

The River Deep Foundation’s longstanding work with Quality of Life Plus (QL+) firmly underscores the fantastic things that can be accomplished on many levels when people support our nonprofit organization.

RDF identifies ways to help people who have physical challenges enjoy recreational pursuits. We share our big ideas with QL+, which brings together America’s brightest students to create life-transforming, assistive technology that helps military veterans and first responders injured in the line of duty achieve a higher quality of life. Since 2009, QL+ has facilitated development of more than 300 life-enhancing solutions involving more than 1,200 students.

We especially appreciate QL+’s people-driven, not market-driven, approach to engineering. Here’s a look at some of the projects we’ve tackled together since 2022. We will have even more to celebrate in 2024.

Frisbee Golf Project: CU Boulder 2023-24

This device was created to help non-ambulatory individuals participate in frisbee golf! Users can control the speed and distance of launching a frisbee from their wheelchair.

Recumbent Bike Lift Project: CU Boulder 2022-23

With this device, wheelchair bound users easily load and unload their recumbent bicycle without needing help from another person. This
makes transporting a bicycle easier and helps the user to be more independent.

BAss Guitar: TensENTRIC, BOULDER, CO 2023

With this device developed by Tensentric, a privately held company, people with limited arm, wrist, and hand mobility can play the bass guitar. Through a series of guide rails and paddles, the user is able to produce notes with very little pressure on their upper body. This project was successful, and we will be expanding to other instruments in the future.