A look at the Colorado Avalanche game we attended

Outings Report: December 2023

We‘re ending 2023 with another month of outings that helped our participants deepen their relationships with family members, make new friends and reconnect with their personal sources of strength and hope.

Archery Instruction with RMS Gear

Wheat Ridge, December 3
Participants: Ft. Carson Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU), Craig Hospital, Operation TBI Freedom (OTF), and the VA

Our thanks to the expert instructors at RMS Gear, whose guidance helps archers of all skills levels have a grand time!

Embroidery with Cottonwood Art Center

Colorado Springs, December 4
Participants: OTF, SRU, VA

Everyone enjoyed this clever introduction to embroidery that also encouraged us to count our lucky stars and blessings. Using constellations as their guide, participants learned basic — and more advanced — stitching.

Colorado Avalanche Game

Denver, December 9
Participants: OTF, SRU, VA, Craig

Thanks to our friends with the Colorado Avalanche, several veterans and their family members reveled in a night of professional hockey, viewed from a private suite with dinner included!

Blacksmithing and Welding with Kilroy‘s Workshop

Denver, December 16
Participants: OTF, SRU, VA

Kilroy’s is a welcoming place where participants learn the basics of the trades through projects, such as knife forging, and are invited to dive deeper into metalworking during one of dozens of classes held throughout the year.