Outings Report: November 2023

Every November, we give special thanks for our generous partners who help us make programming possible; for the referring agencies that help event participants connect with us; and for our donors, who give their time and resources to bring healing and hope to others, one adventure at a time.

Colorado Springs, November 6
Participants: Operation TBI Freedom (OTF) Several military veterans and their family members enjoyed an evening with instructor Ben, learning about acrylic paint and landscape portraits.

Denver, November 7
Craig Hospital, VA
Participants in this class selected props, such as lanterns, vases and flowers, to learn the basics of charcoal drawing.

Denver, November 18
Participants: OTF, VA

Participants learned the basics of scuba — from putting on their gear to getting into the water and going under! Everyone was accompanied by a dive buddy who answered questions and provided friendly instruction along the way. Participants are always invited to continue on to the next level of learning.