Eleven Mile Reservoir Camping

Camping, boating, fishing and barbecue with wounded veterans and families.
Organizations in attendance: Operation TBI Freedom and Freedom Hunters 

We will be camping at Eleven Mile Reservoir in South Park Colorado, a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. We have a group of 50 wounded veterans, family members and volunteers. Everyone starts arriving around Noon, we get them situated in their campsites and the tents get set up. After that, many of the attendees head down to the lake. We have two pontoon boats ready to take people fishing or for a relaxed cruise on the lake. The clouds come and go along with the wind…the rains threaten but they move around us. At 6 pm everyone gathers at my campsite for dinner. Jason Nauert, who travels all over the world teaching Special Forces and Rangers in survival training, field dressing and butchering is our chef, and the food is fantastic. After dinner we gather around the campfire and discuss ballooning the next morning. Everyone heads to the tents for a good nights sleep. The hot air ballooning was cancelled due to weather, but it’s been a great weekend.

Bob Adwar, 
Denver SCI Humanitarian Outreach Program
(SCI HOP) Chairman