Anglers of Honor

August 19, 2017
Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club, Blackhawk, CO
Hosted by Denver SCIHOP and River Deep
Participating organizations – Operation TBI Freedom, Freedom Hunters and Craig Hospital

Anglers of Honor
It’s a beautiful August day in the Colorado Rockies. We have trout in the rivers and ponds, expert guides and equipment, Italian food for lunch and an excited group of wounded warriors and Craig Hospital patients ready to learn to Fly Fish. We first enjoy some orange juice and donuts, then break up into groups to learn casting, knot tying and basic equipment instruction. Next we are paired up with our guides and some groups going down to the river and some to the ponds. Some big browns and rainbows end up in the nets. Smiles all around and everyone is having a great time. Around 1:00 pm everyone heads up to the clubhouse deck overlooking one of the ponds. A great place to have lunch and tell fish stories. What a day. The wounded veterans are presented with their own Anglers of Honor Fly Rods. A big thank you to everyone who attended and all the organizations that came together to make this possible.

Bob Adwar
Denver SCI VP and Humanitarian Outreach Chairman
President, River Deep