Date: July 24, 2021
Location: Denver Adaptive Divers
Hosted by: River Deep Foundation & SCIHOP
Participating Groups: Operation TBI Freedom & Ft. Carson SRU


For today’s outing, we had four veterans ready to try SCUBA diving for the first time! The staff at Denver Adaptive Divers provided in-depth instruction to ensure that everyone was able to have a safe and fun experience! All of the veterans had a wonderful time and a few even said they wanted to go to the next phase of the program and obtain their open-water dive certification. A big, big thank you to everyone that participated and the Denver Adaptive Divers for taking the time to teach our veterans a new skill!

Denver Adaptive Divers will be conducting a pilot program/study to dig further into the benefits of SCUBA and how based on anecdotal evidence, it seems to help with symptoms of PTSD and TBI. We looking forward to hearing more about what they discover!

Bob Adwar, Executive Director, River Deep Foundation
Chairman, SCI Humanitarian Outreach Program

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