Trap Shoot, Lunch and Pheasant Hunt

November 12, 2016
Denver SCI – Humanitarian Outreach Program
Craig Hospital
Trap Shoot, Lunch and Pheasant Hunt
Valhalla Hunt Club, Bennett, Colorado

It’s a warm fall day in Colorado, and today we have patients from Craig Hospital attending. We start with some instruction on the trap range, the participants will be shooting from the track chairs, which will help them get comfortable for the pheasant hunt after lunch, most of the shooters have had prior experience at the trap and bird hunting. After everyone has had plenty of practice, we head to the clubhouse for lunch. Then it’s time to head up to the grass and milo for the pheasant hunt. The dogs are ready and we use two track chairs to get started along with the guides and volunteers. The dogs point, the birds flush and the shots are on target. There will be pheasants for dinner! Everyone has had a great day.

Bob Adwar
Humanitarian Chair
Denver Chapter Safari Club International