Texas Wild Pig Hunt

Texas Wild Pig Hunt – June 7-10, 2019
Location: Vernon, Texas
Hosted By: River Deep Alliance and SCI HOP 
Participants: Craig Hospital and Operation TBI Freedom

​What a weekend we had stalking and hunting wild pigs in Vernon, Texas! We arrived in Vernon Friday evening and couldn’t wait to get out and start stalking the wild pigs. Our first veteran was able to take down a 130 lb. sow, shortly before dark. The weather during the late afternoon and early mornings was ideal for being out in the Texas heat.

Early Saturday morning, after breaking up into two groups, we headed out into the brush to do some more spotting and stalking. Shortly before noon, our second veteran was able to take a 150 lb. boar. That evening wasn’t as fruitful but everyone had a good time sneaking through the brush.

Sunday, our last day, we headed out at the crack of dawn to get jump on the day and hopefully a couple pigs for our remaining veterans. We started out early Sunday morning, and by the evening, the hunt is a bust for our group, but a great time was had by all.

A huge thank you to our host, Amy Duncan, and her to guides Zach and Andrew who helped our veterans all weekend with the hunt. 
Chuck Williamson
River Deep Alliance

Bob Adwar
River Deep Alliance, President
SCI HOP, VP/Humanitarian Chairman

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