Outings Report: September 2023

When you support the River Deep Foundation, please know that your contribution helps to accomplish a great deal of good. Here’s the ground we and our event participants covered in September alone: 

Acrylic Painting with Cottonwood Center for the Arts
Colorado Springs, September 11
Participants: Craig Hospital (Craig), Operation TBI Freedom (OTF),  Ft. Carson Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU), and VA Hospital (VA).
We turned on some tunes and created art to promote mindfulness, intentionality and a sense of calm in our lives.

Equine-Assisted Learning
U.S. Air Force Academy Equestrian Center, Sept. 12
Participant: OTF
Our nonprofit partner, Remount Foundation, led another wonderful experience promoting physical and emotional healing through connection with horses.

Fly Fishing at Lincoln Hills with Anglers of Honor
Denver, September 16
Participants: Craig, OTF SRU, VA, Craig
Another beautiful day when the fish were biting, and the sun was shining for event participants, who were assisted by members of our nonprofit partner Anglers of Honor.

Blacksmithing and Welding at Kilroy’s Workshop
Colorado Springs, September 23
Participants: OTF, SRU, VA, Craig
For some of our participants, this outing was an introduction to the trades. For others, it was a chance to apply what they’ve learned from previous classes to more advanced projects.

Art Class with Art Students League of Denver
Denver, September 26
Participants: Craig, OTF, SRU, VA
Using an array of tools, we learned about the benefits of abstract thinking and its importance to the creative process.

Try Scuba
Denver, September 30
Participants: Craig, OTF, SRU, VA
With expert instruction from our nonprofit partner Denver Adaptive Divers, participants explored the joys and potential health benefits of scuba.