Outings Report: October 2023

Art and Air Plants with Cottonwood Art Center
Colorado Springs, October 2
Participants: Craig Hospital (Craig), Operation TBI Freedom (OTF),  Ft. Carson Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU), and VA Hospital (VA).  Using natural and scavenged elements, participants created pieces of wall art where an air plant could live its best life.

Fly Fishing at Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club with Anglers of Honor
Denver, October 7
Participants: OTF, SRU, VA, Craig
Amateur-to-expert fly fishers joined us for a great day led by our nonprofit partner, Anglers of Honor, at Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club.

Equine-Assisted  Learning with Remount Foundation
U.S. Air Force Academy Equestrian Center, October 10
Participant: OTF
Participants enjoyed the great outdoors and another wonderful experience promoting physical and emotional healing through connection with horses.

Intro to Felting with Art Students League of Denver
Denver, October 17
Participants: OTF, SRU, VA, Craig
Participants created shapes from felt that could be further crafted into jewelry, fabric embellishments and other unique creations.

Blacksmithing and Welding at Kilroy’s Workshop
Colorado Springs, October 28
Participants: Operation TBI, Ft. Carson SRU, VA, Craig
Blacksmithing and welding at Kilroy’s is always a fun and welcoming time for all! Participants learned the basics of welding and metal working, and some picked up where they left off on projects, such as knife forging.