Outings Report: July 2023

Art: Pet Portraits, Cottonwood Art Center
Colorado Springs, July 10
Participants: Craig Hospital (Craig), Operation TBI,  Ft. Carson Soldier Recovery Unit (Ft. Carson SRU), and VA Hospital (VA).
This is always a great time — and instructor Catalina Stratienco brings out the best in all participants by showing them how to hone their painting skills by focusing on one of their favorite subjects!

Equine-Assisted Learning, Remount Foundation
U.S. Air Force Academy Equestrian Center, July 11
Participants: Operation TBI
With the help of our longtime and highly skilled partner, the Remount Foundation, six veterans and one family member enjoyed a time of centering calm through therapeutic exercises involving horses. Participants also learned some of the basics about the animals’ care. Everyone enjoyed a gentle trail ride and fantastic weather.

Fly Fishing with Anglers of Honor
Black Hawk, CO, July 23
Participants: Operation TBI, Ft. Carson SRU, VA, Craig
It was another beautiful day fishing the pristine waters of Colorado’s exclusive Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club. Volunteer instructors and guides from our partner organization, Anglers of Honor, answered questions, shared tips and assisted participants of all fishing skill levels.

Art: Conscious Clay, Art Students League of Denver
Denver, July 25
Participants: Craig Hospital (Craig) and VA Hospital (VA).
We always enjoy working with clay under the watchful eye of instructor Natalie! Participants learned the techniques of pinch, slab and coil to make bowls and other special art projects of their own. The final step will be adding the paint — and then it’s off to the kiln!

Blacksmithing and Welding at Kilroy’s Workshop
Colorado Springs, July 29
Participants: Operation TBI, Ft. Carson SRU, VA, Craig
Blacksmithing and welding at Kilroy’s is always a good time. For some of our participants, this outing was an introduction to the trades. For others, it was a chance to apply what they’ve learned from previous classes to more advanced projects.