Mother’s Day Archery & Lunch

May 13, 2018
Location: RMS Gear, Wheat Ridge, CO
Hosted By: River Deep and SCI HOP
Participants: Operation TBI Freedom and Craig Hospital

Mother’s Day Archery & Lunch 
It’s our Mother’s Day Archery Event with Craig Hospital and Operation TBI Freedom. As always, the expert staff at RMS Gear is on hand and the range is ready to go. Our group is comprised of experienced archers and some first timers who used both traditional and compound bows. Everyone steps up to the line with their bows and instructors, and the fun begins as soon as the arrows start flying.

After a few hours of shooting, it’s time for lunch and reflection. It’s been a wonderful day and a huge thanks to Tom and the expert staff at RMS Gear, all the volunteers and participants who attended.     
Bob Adwar 
SCI, VP/Humanitarian Chairman
River Deep, President

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