​September 26, 2020
Location: Colorado Youth Outdoors, Windsor Colorado
​Hosted by: River Deep and SCI Humanitarian Outreach Program
Participants: Operation TBI and Ft. Carson SRU
​Today we are at the beautiful Colorado Youth Outdoors Swift Ponds Facility in Northern Colorado that features many ponds, a 3-D archery course and trap shooting range. Over 100 veterans and active duty soldiers from Ft. Carson and their family members are attending today. This event is all about enjoying time outdoors in the sun, fishing, and connecting with each other. Today’s group will use everything from Snoopy rods for the kids to fly rods. Many of the adults and kids on this trip have never been fishing, so when they hook up with a fish for the first time it’s wonderful to see their expressions of amazement! We are thrilled to be able to provide this new experience.
​For lunch we are treated to a meaty feast provided and cooked up on a smoker by the All American Beef Battalion—ribeye steak, all beef hot dogs along with mashed potatoes, corn, chips and cookies! The food is fantastic and we are so grateful for their support and participation today. After lunch it’s time for some more fishing to round out the day. As with all our outings, we hope that our participants found a bit of peace today and were able to take one step closer to healing. And we hope they will join us again! 
​We would like to thank all the volunteers and organizations that come together to make these large outings possible especially the staff from Belleview Spine and Wellness for volunteering with us today. They have a very helpful program that helps veterans and active duty soldiers achieve freedom from pain. We look forward to working together and sharing their program as a resource.
​Bob Adwar
River Deep Foundation and Anglers of Honor, President
SCI HOP – VP of Humanitarian Outreach

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