Family, Fishing and Fun Day

Date: September 25, 2021
Colorado Youth Outdoors- Windsor, CO
Hosted by:
River Deep & SCIHOP
Participating Groups:
Operation TBI Freedom, Ft Carson SRU, VA

Family, Fishing and Fun Day
It was the perfect day for fishing and archery at Colorado Youth Outdoors. The water was calm and the day was peaceful and quiet, so all of the family and friends could enjoy each other’s company. The ponds were full of fish and everyone had the opportunity to go fishing. Other than just appreciating a fun day outdoors, a few of the participants even caught some fish and others got a bullseye playing archery! For the children who were not interested in the other activities, they had a huge outdoor space to run free! For lunch, the All American Beef Battalion served ribeye, corn, mash potatoes, hot dogs, chips, and cookies. It was a fun and relaxing day with an incredible lunch. A big thank you to the All American Beef Battalion, Colorado Youth Outdoors, all of the volunteers, and all of the participants that made today a big success!

Bob Adwar
Executive Director, River Deep Foundation
‚ÄčChairman, SCI Humanitarian Outreach Program

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