Equine Therapy

Date: June 8, 2021
USAFA Equestrian Center
Hosted by:
River Deep & SCIHOP
Participating Groups:
Operation TBI Freedom

Equine Therapy

It was an amazing day at the Air Force Academy with a wonderful group of veterans excited to learn about Equine Therapy. We learned about the many benefits of Equine Therapy as well as different tools to help cope with stress in a healthy way. All of the veterans that participated had the opportunity to share how they felt before and after the equine session. The session culminated with a serene horseback ride across a number of rivers and streams! Everyone was grateful to be apart of the Equine Therapy outing!

Jesus Guerra, CBIS
Military Support Specialist, Operation TBI Freedom

Bob Adwar
River Deep Foundation, President
SCI HOP – VP of Humanitarian Outreach

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