Equine Assisted Learning

Date: October 12, 2021
USAFA Equestrian Center
Hosted by:
River Deep Foundation
Participating Groups:
Operation TBI Freedom

Equine Assisted Learning
It was another great day at the Air Force Academy Equestrian Center with an amazing group of veterans! We are proud to be working with the VA to bring more clients to these wonderful outings. Today, we welcomed a primary care provider from the VA as a guest to observe and note the impact the session had on her client. As with each session we learned about Equine Assisted Learning and how to perform exercises to cope with stress. Every veteran had time to share how they felt before and after attending the equine assisted learning session. When a participant comes to the day anxious about horses and leaves excited to try riding again, we know that this outing was a meaningful experience. We finished our time with a relaxing hour of horseback riding through the natural beauty of the area. We will have one more session in November before the weather turns and we look forward to next season!

Bob Adwar
Executive Director, River Deep Foundation
Chairman, SCI Humanitarian Outreach Program

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