Elk Hunt at El Capitan Ranch

January 5 – 8, 2018
Location: El Capitan Ranch, NM
Hosted By: River Deep and SCI HOP
Participants: Veterans from different branches of the United States Military

Elk Hunt at El Capitan Ranch  

The first weekend of the year commenced with an exciting four-day hunting event for River Deep, SCI HOP and six well deserving Veterans from different branches of the United States Military. The four-day hunt was hosted by El Capitan Ranch, near Roswell New Mexico. El Capitan Ranch is home to one of the healthiest elk herds in New Mexico. To address the issue of population management, the extremely knowledgeable ranch manager, Tony Dickerson, organized the opportunity for SCI HOP to connect Veterans with the unique opportunity to participate in a once in a life time, four-day hunting event for conservation efforts. The trip proved to be overwhelmingly successful as all six veterans were able to not only harvest six cow elks, but also get hands on experience with processing all six elk. 

The six-man team came together and fully processed six cow elk. The team shared experiences and most importantly, had an absolutely wonderful time. While the hunt itself was the showcase, the opportunity to come together in a safe and calm environment with such wonderful people has a value that is unmeasurable. This event has created bonds and ensured the future of the program should El Capitan Ranch require further herd management.

A big thanks to El Capitan Ranch, Tony Dickerson and Staff Sergeant Scott Huyvaert.

Bob Adwar 
SCI, VP/Humanitarian Chairman
River Deep, President

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