Deer Hunt in Limon

November 1, 2018
Location: Limon, CO
Hosted By: River Deep and SCI HOP
​Participants: Craig Hospital Graduates

Two Craig Hospital Grads traveled to Limon on Thursday, November 1st, for a 2-day mule deer hunt. One tag was filled by a nice buck just hours after the hunt began and although plenty of deer were observed, the second hunter chose not to shoot. Waiting for that perfect buck that just never came. 

Both hunters mentioned how much they appreciated all of the hard word that went into making this hunt a reality. One hunter travelled from Montana to shoot that perfect buck while the other, who has traveled internationally to hunt large game before his injury, was able to harvest his first mule deer since his accident! 

A big thanks to our guides Russell, Brad and Dawson of Russell’s Gun & Guide Service.

Chris Ravotti, CTRS
Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor
Craig Hospital 

Bob Adwar
River Deep, President
SCI HOP, VP/Humanitarian Chairman

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