Camping and Ballooning Weekend

Date: July 30-31, 2021
Location: Eleven Mile Reservoir, Lake George, CO
Hosted by: River Deep Foundation & SCIHOP
Participating Groups: Operation TBI Freedom & Ft. Carson SRU

Camping and Ballooning Weekend

This weekend, we hosted over one-hundred veterans and their families who gathered across 38 campsites, overlooking Eleven Mile Reservoir. Everyone was excited for a weekend of relaxing, having fun, and healing. The veterans and their families spent the weekend going on boat rides, fishing, and enjoying the company of friends, old and new. On Friday evening, everyone came together to an enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the American Beef Battalion. Surrounded by the lake on one side and the mountains on the other, it was the perfect setting for an after dinner campfire. The veterans and their families got up at sunrise on Saturday to go for a ride in a hot air balloon! It was beautiful to watch all of the balloons in the air. Thank you to the Ballooning Society of Pikes Peak for giving the veterans this exciting opportunity! It was an unforgettable weekend thanks to the many volunteers, River Deep Board Members, the All American Beef Battalion, the Ballooning Society of Pikes Peak, Kast King, and all of the veterans and their families that attended!

Bob Adwar
Executive Director, River Deep Foundation
Chairman, SCI Humanitarian Outreach Program

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