Date: June 19, 2021
Kilroy’s Workshop, Colorado Springs
Hosted by:
River Deep & SCIHOP
​Participating Groups:
Operation TBI Freedom & Ft. Carson SRU


It was another amazing time with a group of four veterans learning the fundamentals of blacksmithing over Father’s day weekend. Our Master Blacksmith, Ron Hardman, took his time to ensure everyone understood what to expect from the class. First, Ron told the veterans about the history of blacksmithing, then he focused on demonstrating the multitude of skills required to be a blacksmith. Ron guided each participant in creating a knife to take home. All of the knives each participant made in the workshop were beautiful; they would make a great gift!

Jesus Guerra, CBIS
Military Support Specialist, Operation TBI Freedom

Bob Adwar
President, River Deep Foundation
Chairman, SCI Humanitarian Outreach Program

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