Art Class – Abstract Acrylics

Date: February 9, 2022
Location: Art Students League of Denver
Hosted by: River Deep Foundation
Participating Groups: Craig Hospital, VA

Abstract Acrylics

Artist Homare Ikeda is our instructor for tonight’s class. We are happy to have some clients here that
have attended several of the other art classes we organize, as they vary in subject matter from
month to month. First, the easels, paints, and necessary tools are distributed to the students. Homare
demonstrates different techniques as he paints his own work of art and he guides the class to use
their imagination as they create their paintings. Each person has a chance to show their work to the
class and they have a discussion to offer helpful hints for future works. It’s been such a fun night.
Thank you to Homare and all the staff at the Art Student League of Denver for making this ongoing
program possible.