Anglers of Honor

July 14, 2018
Location: Lincoln Hills, Blackhawk, CO.
Hosted By: River Deep and SCI HOP
Participants: Craig Hospital, Operation TBI, Ft. Carson WTB

Anglers of Honor at Lincoln Hills 
This past Saturday was a wonderful day of fly fishing instruction, fly fishing, and lunch on the deck overlooking the water. Instruction came first, casting, gear and knots. The guides and volunteers all pitched in to help with the instruction. We suited up, got our gear and paired up with the guides. We fished the river and the ponds. The water was low and clear and the trout plentiful. You can see the smiles and hear the screams of excitement in everyone’s voices every time a trout is on the line, and there were some big ones being landed. 

More importantly, we were there for a day of peace and healing, a day outdoors in the mountains. At lunchtime and we had a special treat prepared by the Escoffier Culinary Academy. We gathered on the deck to eat, tell stories and meet new friends. It was a great day and a big thanks to all guides, staff and volunteers.           

Bob Adwar 
SCI, VP/Humanitarian Chairman
River Deep, President

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